What’s Your Current Personalized Marketing Strategy for your customer experiences?

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We advise ambitious, results driven business clients with personalized marketing strategy and marketplace positioning. Experience Optimization Consultant.


  • Marketing only works if customers think you care.

‘AIPS’. AI Personalized Software for Customer Experience Journeys. It’s okay. We’ll guide you.

  • Google Optimize, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Adobe Target

Emails with First Names…Open 29% More.


Business Marketing Services and A+ Marketing Consulting Services

AI Personalized Marketing Services

What is AI Personalization Software?

We call it AIP or AIPS! You choose.

What’s the big deal about a big hairy AIP? HaHa!

When AI personalized content is sent to consumers through personalized messaging, they will feel like one-to-one personal service.

Personalized Messaging makes your customers feel like you know them better than Company B.

It says,

“Customer, we know you. We know you well.”

Dynamic Personalized Marketing Management areas of customer experience

  • Apps

  • Advertising

  • Behavior Analysis

  • Content Creation

  • eCommerce

  • Email

  • Merchandising

  • Mobile

  • Retargeting

  • Social

  • Web interface

Visionary Ideas and Strategies Innovative Marketing Maps and Internet Marketing Plans

  • Product Launch Strategies
  • ROI Goals
  • Marketing Plan Creation and Implementation
  • Business Marketing Consulting
  • Personalized Marketing Maps are the part of Customer Experience Optimization focusing on the Lifecycle Marketing Experience, a form of targeted marketing that dynamically creates personalized experiences for individuals on their customer journey. It is usually an automated process that involves the use of computer AI to craft individual messages with a view to building customer-centric recommendation engines instead of company-centric selling engines.

Customer 'Experience Optimization'

Experience Optimization (EO, not CEO, that persons runs the company.) is an innovative, proactive, digital optimizing process that involves understanding your individual customer and their ‘personal’ wants and providing the best possible ‘Customer Experience Journey’ for them. AI in Customer Experience Management gives your business the digital power to automatically improve customer experience metrics through your Customer Success Platform, with controlled Dynamic Customer Experience Delivery, across channels and devices.

This is now enabling you to deliver

the right message at the right time

throughout all phases of the customer-to-business relationship.



Possible “Personalization” Points on the Customer Experience Map

  • Content creation

  • Content management

  • Data analysis

  • eCommerce

  • Email

  • Experimentation

  • Merchandising

  • Mobile

  • IoT

  • Segmentation

  • Social

  • Web


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What is missing from your current Personalized marketing campaign strategy?

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