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Business Oceans Consulting™ prides themselves on providing unique and useful business strategy consulting and business marketing services for a good price.

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We advise ambitious, results driven business clients with marketing strategy and marketplace positioning.



Marketing only works if people can see it.

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Business Marketing Services and A+ Marketing Consulting Services


Business Marketing Services

  • Internet Marketing Consulting

    • Google AdWords Management Service

  • Traditional Marketing Services 


    • Conceptualization Consultants – Ideas and Strategies

    • Innovative Marketing Ideas and Internet Marketing Plans


  • Ad Copy and Catchy Ad Slogans that speak to customers about you.

The Online Business Marketing and Internet Consulting area of Business Oceans™ is focused on managing the business marketing campaigns and Internet marketing services that bring in new “targeted” customers to a business.

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More Small Business Consulting Services

    • Business Marketing Plan Development

    • Product Launch Strategies

    • ROI Goal Prioritizing

    • Marketing Plan Creation and Implementation

    • Goal Tracking: Custom Google Analytics Reporting

    • Business Marketing Consulting and Business Coaching

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The Operational area of strategic consulting is focused on streamlining the management of operations within your company.

We are consultants for a company for the specified time period needed, specific project or until we’ve reached the goals or results we’ve outlined in the initial Discovery Meeting for the specific business project.


Business Oceans™ Marketing Consulting offers a wide range of small business consulting services. We start with search engine Internet marketing consulting services that will guarantee an increase in leads and inbound calls and inquiries to your company. Our focus includes unique affordable search engine optimization consulting services and Internet marketing strategies integrated with effective business marketing and strategic marketing plans.

We do business marketing consulting  and have management consultants for smaller to medium business owners who want to grow, but cannot afford 2 or 3 full time staff members to cover all areas. This may include technology, recruiting, business marketing, expansion, negotiating, management and acquisitions.

We focus on efficiency whenever possible. With marketing we usually create a foundation. This will entail an SEO Ad Slogan. We inject this into the search engine marketing.

There are fundamental areas for being an effective marketing consultant: TV, Radio, Internet and Direct Mail.

Our Internet marketing consultants, create effective text ads that accomplish two goals. Mobile users will read the SMS Marketing Messages and will link directly back to your homepage which will also give your homepage more relevancy on the Internet in your field of business.

We help you create a strategic marketing plan. The Business Marketing Plan Consultant is going to ground everything else your company does in an idea or concept. That concept will generate Advertising Slogans and ad copy that will be used in sales scripts, print materials, internet marketing and more.

One of the most important tools we use in our business marketing services is your business marketing plan that is activated once we update the product line you have in place.

We advise our clients to be proactive.

Hire a few new employees when you want to upgrade your staff, not when an emergency happens. Be prepared for an emergency. That’s one of the Business Oceans business management systems that keeps a company ahead of the curve instead of behind it.

People don’t plan on car accidents happening to them, but they do happen. That’s why a seatbelt is brilliant. It doesn’t get in the way and once you’re used to wearing it, it saves you in an emergency.

The same for managing recruiting systems. We are Denver recruitment consultants who get you in the habit of hiring before the emergency occurs.

Some people say, “Well, we can’t afford to just keep hiring.” Excellent point….Contact us to upgrade your business.

You can if you have an effective business marketing plan. Contact us to go over upgrading your business marketing plan. Our business marketing consultants are experts that offer affordable consulting for small to medium businesses.

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