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Commerical Video Advertising and Viral Video Marketing Campaigns

Capture Your Audience with Video

Expert Viral Marketing Consultants create marketing videos that propel website traffic growth to a higher level. Video is one of the best internet marketing investments you can make.

Viral Video Advertising Services

This marketing video was created, cast, filmed, edited and distributed to market Vail Resorts new “Epic Pass”. The Epic Pass is a season pass that allows snowboarders and skiers access to Vail Mountain Resort and Beaver Creek Mountain Resort anytime during the season with no black out dates. Watch it to see if it makes you laugh…

Viral video Marketing – Vail Epic Pass “Yard Sale” Promotional Video

Viral Video Advertising FAQ
How successful can a viral video be? Some videos have seen over 4 million hits since their inception after 2-5 years on the Internet. A more common number for videos ends up being 500,000+ views.
How racy or offensive can a viral video campaign be? This depends on the product and the level of tolerance a company has for outrageous humor or sexiness.
We will write and shoot the viral ad based on your level of comfort and morality.
Some clients want traffic regardless of how many people are offended. We customize the video to your choices. You always have final video approval.
That being said, there have been a number of successful viral marketing videos that have driven a lot of web  traffic to sites because of how “over the line” the video was.
How long will it take to complete a viral video? Between 4-6 weeks to create, write, cast, shoot, and edit the video. Then, 1-2 weeks to distribute it.

What is the response rate for viewers to my website? That can vary widely based the ad and the “call to actions” in the ad. Just like a great movie, the better it is, the more people tell their friends about it.

How expensive is a viral video campaign? A viral video that is created from scratch which is Written, Cast, Filmed, Edited and Distributed across the top video distribution channels on the Internet will be $5,000 per minute. Everything is included.

What are the factors in cost? One factor in cost is how complex the ad is when we shoot it. Are there 20 locations to film at or just 5? Obviously, we want the best looking locations if possible. This could be a house, an airport or a prison.

It’s important that the viral video be memorable. Great Locations stand out.

Another factor can be the cost of talent. A gorgeous model is more expensive than an average looking one. Two actors is less than ten. Are there animals? 

A car chase will need qualified stunt people and special camera mountings.

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Viral Advertising Campaign Benefits

  • Brand Buzz
  • Ongoing Message Exposure
  • Exponential Word of Mouth
  • Displays the Human Side of your Company
  • Internet Users do the Viral Work for You
  • Video is becoming the Top Internet Marketing Source
  • Increases Traffic to Your Website after the Video is Already Paid For
  • Digital Files (hyper links) are Easy to Copy and Send in Email

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Viral Video Creation Services

  • Video Creation
    • Concept Brainstorming Sessions
    • Multiple Meetings to get the Best Ideas
  • Video Writing
    • Scripting
    • Joke and Punch Lines
    • Visual Gags
  • Video Filming
    • Storyboard Shot Set Ups
    • Shooting Schedule
    • Reserve and Permit Locations
  • Video Editing
    • First Cut
    • Up to 5 Re-Edits
    • Final Version converted to Internet Friendly Media
  • Distribution
    • SEO on Top Video Engines
    • Keyword Optimized for Your Marketing Goals
  • Ongoing Video Consulting
    • 1 Month of Client Consulting after final cut
    • Distribute to New Sites
    • Upgrade any Keywords on Video Sites

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Our Marketing StoryWe have been involved in making commercials and movies for years. It was an obvious progression to start integrating our storytelling with our online marketing services.

Business Oceans Viral Marketing Consultants offers a wide range of business marketing services. We start with a Discovery session to increase our understanding of your marketing goals. We want to capture your “flavor” and company “style”. Your vision is important to us.

Then, we come up with the craziest, sexiest, most disturbing ideas and transform them into a viable story that gets told in under 3 minutes.

We take our top three ideas and brainstorm with you about which one fits your style and product the best.

Some ideas are amazing, but they need to enhance your product or service offering. They need to be logical within the realm of crazy and outrageous so that when someone watches it, they see your product or service as a solution.

Our focus can include expert search engine optimization integrated into innovative viral advertising campaigns originating from our strategic marketing plan.

The goal we are always after for you is more leads, more inbound calls and more Internet and email inquiries.

We focus on efficiency whenever possible. With marketing we usually create a foundation of communication with our clients. This is the area where money can be used wisely when all parties involved talk with each other during the production. This will include a working budget, a “viewership” goal, Ad Slogan , and marketing budget.

There are proven fundamental areas for effective marketing: Internet, TV, and Radio.

Yellow pages and newspaper advertising are…unfortunately dinosaurs of the past. You don’t call people with smoke signals do you? Then, don’t advertise like a caveman using print media.

On the Internet, we create effective “pay per click” ads, inbound linking articles, viral videos and blogs that accomplish two goals. People will read the search engine optimized ads, industry articles, company listings and the optimized posts will link directly back to your homepage which will also give your homepage more relevancy on the Internet in your field of business.

This in turn will increase your homepage’s search engine ranking. Our goal is always to get a client’s website on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, and MSN Search engines.

We help you create a strategic marketing plan. The Marketing Plan is going to ground everything else your company does in an idea or concept.

That concept will generate Advertising Slogans and ad copy that will be used in sales scripts, print materials, internet marketing and more.

Contact us to upgrade your business marketing campaign or Internet marketing efforts.

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