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It’s simple. Viral video marketing is the new way to market online. Even if it doesn’t get one million hits. A company with at least two videos that show who they are, and that the business takes pride in its image. Video marketing does this.

Business Oceans produced this 3 min featurette for Ambient Quality Laser Lights. They wanted a tone in the commercial that was fun and respectable. This is longer than we recommend. We suggest under 1 minute with multiple videos covering different products or services. This is in addition to an overview video.

There can be a fine line for a company. Sure, you can video your cat puking into the couch where mom sits down and that’s funny to some. It may not work when marketing a professional entity.

There are the 3 top ways to do high-concept video marketing: 1) Sex and 2) Comedy 3) Informational. We chose to mix comedy with sexy and then add a few dashes of info. Here’s the final video product.

AQ Laser Light Commerical – Party Mission – Agent Axle Ray – Briel Dicristofaro

The process of creating, writing, casting, shooting, editing and publishing this video took around 3 weeks.

There are viral videos that are simple and there are videos that are storytelling pieces. Depending on the goal for the marketing plan, one or the other may serve better.


  1. Slideshow Video – This is just pictures changing every 2-5 seconds. They can have some writing and some pictures. Add in the company logo. Then, to do a professional level with this, add in audio. That’s going to be $500. We don’t do these. You would be better off having a techno nephew or aunt do it for you.
  2. WhiteBoard Video Marketing – This is one of the newest styles to emerge. It’s fresh and clean and has images and movement. That look of a hand actually drawing as the user watches, with some engaging narrative with a good voice actor can be quite professional. This type of video requires more animation in the editing so its Price Range is $850-1000 for 2  x 1-minute whiteboard videos. We only do 2-Video Marketing Packages.  It includes scripting, animating, and casting the voice actor. The Most Value Point Pricing.
  3. Live Action Video – This can be the coolest of the three, yet also the most expensive and the most complicated to create, cast, shoot, edit, and post. This becomes a commercial. These are around $5,000-$15,000 each. The professionalism these can convey is unmatched.


1) What happens after the video is made? We load it up to the top 5 video channels. Really, Vimeo and YouTube are the top traffic drivers to websites. Optional SEO Video Marketing is available to help promote the video for increased clicks. Price Range: $500-750 per month for six months.

2) Do I own the video rights? Yes

3) How many clicks can we realistically expect? That’s depends on the business and the type of search traffic. An average count for a quality small business video is about 2500-3500 per year with marketing efforts. We will say 3000 as a median count per year.

4) How much value do we get for $1000 + $750 per month (Total: $5,500) to rank out video higher in searches? First, a video that has no keyword rank in searches is almost useless.

That’s $5,500 in Total Cost / 3000 Views, divides out to only $1.83 per video viewing. Much cheaper than many Adwords click costs. Another marketing service is SEO Press Releases. These also show a great cost-per-click return for clients.

Our team has worked on 100’s of commercials in Hollywood. Now, we’ve converted that experience to cost effective online marketing strategies.

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