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Quality SEO Link Building Article

July 14, 2008

The Foundation of High Search Engine Marketing

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SEO link building can be the foundation to higher search engine rankings. When your website is built on a foundation of quality inbound links, the search engines are happy.

When search engines are happy, customers find you. When relevant customers find you, you make sales. Then, passive income becomes a possibility.


Denver Search Engine Optimization Link Building Techniques

Link building is the new bread and butter of SEO work. Most people know that you need to put keyword phrases in your website’s HTML code. The keywords need to be in the META tags, the TEXT COPY, and the TEXT LINKING to the relevant content. This is the basic knowledge available around the Internet and many Blogs.

The targeted, quality SEO Link Building is what gives longevity to the search engine
results you can achieve. Google is always updating its algorithms to sift out the websites full of SEO spam.

No one, including you and I, wants to read a website full of 5 optimized keyword phrases separated by: ‘are’, ‘the’, ‘best’, ‘buy now’ 50 times in a row packed into 2 paragraphs. That’s not useful to anyone.

Also, consider that just because a web surfer was tricked on to a website doesn’t mean they’ll stay there very long if the content is weak. We’ll talk about ‘Average Length of Stay’ in another article.

That’s why we, SEO experts, truly have to admit that we love Google for keeping guard over the monkeys gone wild. Like anything in life, there are rules. We know the rules, follow the rules and optimize within those rules. But, just like in sports, accidental fouls do happen. Oops! Sorry about that…let me back off the overuse of that keyword phrase a little.

Link Building is where the quality (the cream), can rise to the top. When a website contains something of value, others will link to it. Sometimes you have to ask nicely. Sometimes you pay for links. Some directories are quality. Just because they charge doesn’t mean they won’t help you.

Simple Secret: Google the keywords and see where the directory you are looking to pay for ranks.Do they rank?

Nothing satisfies the Google search engine monolith like a quality network of supporting inbound links from relevant websites.

I had a client recently,, that was floating in the #5-6 rank on the 1st page of Google for a specific search term. The term was localized for the Denver metro area. Since it was a service company, there was no need to generate national search engine ranking. This client could only service a customer in Colorado.

We created a reciprocal link (which have become less valuable some argue) from a website that ranked at #1,113 on the Internet per My client jumped up to #1-2 ranking on Google’s search engine after that one adjustment. That’s valuable

What specifically made the linking so valuable was that the inbound link back to my client’s website was RELEVANT, HIGH-RANKED content. It was from a free pet card website with all sorts of pet content email cards.

        3 Important SEO Link Building Tools

  • Relevant Content on the Referring Website
  • Inbound Link from a High Ranking Relevant Website
  • Keyword Text on the Inbound Link’s CodeSo, when you read about Link Building, maybe there is something to the old adage, “Share and Share alike.”


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