PMM = Personalized Marketing Maps

We have been in the stone age for too long with cryptic email subjects from big companies.

Does your company know what colors you prefer?

Imagine your website AI changes the color dynamically for each user.

Now, times are changing for the better. It is AI powering intelligence marketing.

When you take your customer through their Customer Experience Journey, you pull them with “Personalized Messaging”.



We have good news about your account. It has been….

Emails with a First Name get around 29% more Open Rates! That’s a huge number that many of you want to get in your pockets. We get you those increases. You can count on that.

Well, what can we do for your customer journey at Business Oceans Marketing?

Perhaps, a brief look into your current system of customer experience sphaghetti. lol. Let’s untangle that mess.

Or do you simply have nothing in place.

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