Leadership Coaching and Team Building

Leadership Coaching and Team Building

Well, Gabriel DiCristofaro, from Boston, is a leadership coach.

More importantly who are you?

How do you want to change? What results do you want in your leadership.

If you are reading and not actively TELLING YOURSELF that you need to change, then please stop reading until it’s the right time. Go listen to some audio books from top life change experts.

Then, you can come back to get coaching here.

Leadership Coaching and Team Building

Cooperation vs Compomise: Looking at cooperation versus compromise people get upset.

“I don’t want to compromise. I’m not giving up my part, my share, or not doing something for somebody else. This is the destructive way we think sometimes or our team members.

Which cooperation is the opportunity to come together and build together. We are going to use the example of two people in a boat with oars rowing.
To illustrate cooperation we will imagine them rowing the opposite direction. He’s rowing forward, the other person is rowing backwards. What are they doing? Spinning yes. Going nowhere, true? And, they’re putting out a hundred percent effort. 
So, they are working, just not creating any results.
They may not even realize they’re going in a circle because they’re so busy putting in a hundred percent of their effort. They don’t have any resource to actually look outside of the situation and be able to assess where is there Achievement Orientation.

Business Oceans Leadership Coaching

You start the ball rolling. I keep a top level, overall vantage point for all of us.

Here is a basic outline to Leadership and Team Behavior Change.

  1. Ideal Self: Who you see yourself becoming. The You Goal.
  2. Real Self: Find out through your community who you really are?
  3. Develop Learning Agenda: Clarify your exercises.
  4. Experiment and Practice: Do this outside of work.
  5. Resonant Relationships: — supportive relationships from others helping us learn new behaviors.

ACTIONS: develop a new reference group that encouraged change. This involves masterminding.

1) Entrepreneurship: he founded BusinessOceans.com 9 years ago with a digital marketing focus and averaged only working 15-20 hours per week, earning high five-figures and traveling 3-4 times per year. Digitize your team!
2) Relationship: Relating to people is complex and pleasing social behavior can be learned, changed and perfected.
3) Team Leadership: he is an award-winning speaker and leader. Using proven team leading models, you will find new inspiration in yourself and be able to ignite your team. 

Google “Gabriel DiCristofaro” , check his LinkedIn recommendations, 

and when you are beyond curious…

Mr DiCristofaro is passionate about changing people’s lives.

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