Innovative Marketing Ideas for 2015 Entrepreneurs

Innovative Marketing Ideas for 2015 Entrepreneurs

How do you build and create a great marketing plan?

Define Marketing Goals so you can track and measure the success of each idea.

“Every site and app has a purpose: to sell products or services, to cross-promote another site or app, to engage users. The purpose is achieved when a user accomplishes some specific action, like watching a video, reaching a new level, viewing a minimum number of pages, buying a product. It’s important to identify these milestones and give them values so you can track and measure the extent to which your users succeed.” – Google

Digital Marketing Services We Provide

   Innovative Online Marketing Strategies

  • Internet Marketing Plan Creation
    • User Behavior based Keyword Research
    • SEO Audit: Competitor Analysis of SEO Score
    • 3 Phase Plan
  • Ad Copy and Content Creation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google 
    • Organic Business Marketing
    • AdWords Pay-per-Click Advertising  
    • City and Country GEO-Targeting
  • Affiliate and Referral Marketing Strategies
  • Email Marketing Campaign Optimization
  • Social Media Content Management: Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  • Traffic Reporting: Google Analytics – Highly Trusted Reporting to your Inbox –You can choose Weekly or Monthly schedules

Managing a Inbound Strategic Marketing Plan

Managing a strategic marketing plan can be the foundation of a business’s financial success. Marketing ideas and inbound channel components take time to put together and need to be researched.

The standard way to look at any business marketing plan is with the basics.

What? What is the need or desire your product or service is trying to communicate within the marketing plan?

Who? Who is the consumer who will be the most interested in your product or service?

Where? Where is the best placement for the product or service, and the marketing ads, within the marketplace?

When? When is the best strategic timing for exposure that gives the highest ROI – Return On Investment? Is it seasonal?

How? How do we efficiently execute the marketing plan? Stages?

Do Industry Specific Market Research to find out:

  • What words or phrasing did a potential customer associate with your service?
    • Once we start consulting this client, they have a much better understanding of their target customers.
    • Our Market Services – Research Department reveals what most customers search for when finding the service.
    • This gives us the knowledge, and tools to upgrade all of the marketing plans and branding to include that keyword phrasing focus.
    • We update the White Hat SEO Internet Marketing, Print Marketing, and  Marketing Strategy Plans with new Advertising Slogans and Tag Lines.
    • This accelerated the Internet Marketing by increasing the Search Engine Ranking when people used that term to find you.
  • What is the perception that the customer has of the company?
    • The owner of the company has been in business for over 14 years.
    • The customer base has the perception the company is run by a few college kids due to branding gaps.
    • In reality, the company is well established with BBB, Tom Martino and has 30 employees.
    • We start including badges of credibility on all the marketing materials.

  • Where does most of your business come from?
      • In the system we had customer service reps dig deeper with customers and find out how they found the client.
      • We started tracking each ad campaign to know where our advertising dollars were most effective.
      • ROM – Return On Marketing. We put money where we got the most response.


Innovative Business Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas are the priceless intangible part of any successful business marketing plan.

         What makes a business marketing idea Innovative?

An idea is innovative when it is a new way of looking at or presenting a product or service that gets people’s attention and causes a sale.

Business Oceans Marketing Services prides itself on creative ideas that contribute to your companies’ success. We are here to service the small to medium business.

We especially like an Innovative Idea when it generates a desirable emotion in others, which in turn generates a sale or purchase. That is always the business goal…more profits.

The emotion can be excitement, desire, yearning, wanting, need or joy.

That emotion will lead to action, which will then have them associating that positive emotion with your company’s service or product.

That product or service will then fulfill that need or desire.

One brilliant guerilla marketing idea that was used many years ago for a new inline skating product was to ‘demo’ the skates out of the back of vans in Manhattan.

No one had ever seen the ‘four wheels in a row’ on skates before. People who would never have tried the product, were now telling there friends about this weird skate they tried by Central Park in New York City.

Now, the inline skate market is filled with copycats and it is a multi-million dollar business.

That is the type of idea we like to bring to the table.


  • Do you know who your target audience is?
  • Do you know where the most effective placement for your product or service is in the marketplace?
  • Have you done market research to know facts about what people think about your product?
  • Do you track your marketing?


 Business  Oceans™ Marketing Services and Ideas can help your website business grow.


        How can our marketing ideas boost your internet business?


We thank you for your interest in our business marketing services or search engine marketing services. We will contact you within the day.


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