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Google Adwords and Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Business Oceans™ AdWords Advertising Consultants 

A professional pay-per-click consulting agency managing your Google AdWords Campaign and Sponsored Paid Search Engine Marketing.

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Google AdWords Campaign Management

  • Create Google AdWords account
  • Build professionally SEO Optimized Ads
  • Create Multiple Google Ad Campaigns
  • Monitor Search Engine Ad Ranking Results
  • Create Better Performing Google Ads
  • Simple Pre-Set Monthly and Daily PPC-(Pay-Per-Click) Budgets we manage for you
  • Monthly Reports to your inbox with easy to read ROI results
  • Phone Access and Email Access to our ppc management team

Set Up Google AdWords Service

Why Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing?

  • You only pay if customers click to your website
  • Targeted Leads who are looking for your service or product
  • Much higher ROI than yellow pages, newspaper, or direct mail
  • Google, Yahoo Ranking – 1st Page Search Engine Ranking Guaranteed
  • Geo-Targeted – Ads only show in the cities you want leads in
  • Conversion Tracking Reports
  • Professional Support from a US, English speaking consultant

Google Adwords is an effective marketing tool to gain immediate web traffic to your business website. It’s based on Cost-per-Click meaning that you pay when a web user on Google click on the ad you have displayed. The Pay-per-Click advertising has been very effective for web advertisers to generate new, fresh leads.  

Having a Google Adwords consultant managing your Adwords account can save you a lot of time and money. Organizing an Adwords account can be time consuming and fairly complicated to a new user. Business Oceans™ also offers Google AdWords Training to help a client understand the work being done in their Pay-per-Click AdWords account.

As a Google AdWords Advertising Consultant, we organize and research the entire account for our web clients. At the end of each month, each client receives a detailed PPC Report listing how many web visitors, how much each click cost, the click-through-rate and the best performing keywords, so we can make needed adjustments to the Google AdWords account.

When hiring a PPC Consultant, make sure that you are clear about your daily and monthly budget, the keywords your using in AdWords, the text in the ppc ads, and the realistic amount of clicks you can expect for the marketing dollars you’re spending. Sometimes it takes 2-3 months to fine tune Pay-Per-Click service so the campaign is running smoothly.

pay-per-click agency will do split-testing on 2 ads at at time to see which one will perform better to save a client money in the long run.

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