Business Oceans DDC™ 
- Automatic File Saving Service

Bank Statement and Tax Document Auto Saving Service.

Small Local Denver Business? Going Paperless is the new tech.

Monthly Tax Document Filing and Bank Statement Downloads a Hassle? YES, THEY ARE!

Still receiving them via email, snail mail, fax, or not at all because you can’t find them?

We have a great bookkeeper solution for sole proprietors to mid-sized firms.

Store your Tax Documents Online in PDF Easy-to-read and open formatting


  • Online statements
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Bills
  • Tax documents

    Digital Document Collection service that gathers your files from their online accounts and stores them in one central location for secure access.

    SECURE: The process is 256-bit SSL Encrypted.

    Automates time-consuming parts of your daily job document collecting and going through emails and stacks of papers blocking desks. Increase Time Saved each Month!
    Say 3 hours per month is wasted or paid to someone. 3 x $25/hr for an assistant
    OR worse 3 x $50+/hour for your time!

    How much is your time is worth?

    Mr DiCristofaro started his company, the same way. With great ups and some downs in digital changes.

    Manual Accounting Tasks drive you nuts too? We understand.

    The internet technology has advanced!

    We have the easiest way to

  • Fetch Docs
  • Store Docs
  • Save Docs …for a business at a reasonable cost.

    How much per month?
    First, let’s consider these benefits:

  • A digital assistant that fetches all your documents on a reliable schedule
  • Stores files as searchable PDF files and names them clearly by Institution, Account number, and Date
  • Makes it easy to track back over deductible expenses or other transactions

    You choose where your documents go to: Online Storage Options

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • Evernote
  • Amazon Cloud Drive

    THEN, you can Share Them With

  • bookkeeping staff

  • a new employee

  • or easily cut off access when needed

    Was $29 per month.

    Business Oceans DDC™ Spring Special: $11 per month (prepaid)

    So Easy:

  • $14 per Month (with 6 month prepay)
  • $11 per month (with 12 month prepay)

    SET UP: $25 One-time to get all the accounts synced up properly. 

    Business Oceans ™ | Denver Business Consulting Firm

Research “BBB Business Oceans” to see our Commitment to Integrity and a Long Standing Reputation in the Colorado Community serving small business entrepreneurs.

“We’re deeply committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your Personally Identifiable Information.”

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The easiest way to access, organize and process your financial statements safely. 

Automatic Digital File Saving

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