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Now, onto to coffee.

An important marketplace fact about coffee you need to know….

Coffee is the 2nd highest valuable traded commodity in the world, besides oil and gas. – GlobalExchange.org

We have gone into being coffee dropshippers using virtual business building technology with easy “order coffee online” auto-shipping features.

Coffee is the easiest to talk about because “83% of US people drink coffee” – Bloomberg.com

“Do you or anyone you know drink coffee or tea daily?”

“How do you like your coffee or tea?”

“What brands do you buy in grocery stores or retail coffee shops?”

That’s how we enter the “How do I order wholesale coffee online?” conversation.

Nowadays, Americans consume
“400 million cups of coffee per day!”

- USA Today

How Many Cups of Coffee made in US per year? 146 Billion Cups per year.

How Many Cups of Coffee made in US per Day? 400 Million Cups per Day.

                          Does Starbucks ever pay you when you deliver a tray

                            or box of coffee at $3-5 a cup? (Rhetorical question)

Does Cosco ever pay you when you buy boxes of single serv coffee, Kcup refills, or organic green tea bags for the office kitchen?

How about the new trend of giving coffee and tea instead of wine as a gift? People love it!

How about all the those fundraising events who are tired of selling cookies? People love coffee and tea instead! With a great system, you can be supporting a cause and selling hundreds of boxes of coffee.

STARTING SCENARIO: Would you be interested in selling, auto-invoicing, auto-shipping 20 cups of coffee per day and earning 0.05 cents on each cup?

You will be once you see how quickly it can add up to thousands per year. Reminder, 400 million cups per day.

How about you selling them 20 cups per day…

5 days per week…

4 weeks per month…

12 months per year?


20 cups x .05 cents = $1.00 per day

$1.00 x 5 days = $5 per week

Seems small?

Keep reading and watch the beginning of residual wealth building.

$5 x 4 weeks   = $20 per month

$20 per month x 12 months = $240 per year

Now multiply $240  x 10 Accounts it equals $2,400 per year…

automatically, with easy 24/7 online ordering of coffee….

with product auto-send drop shipping so your customers coffee is on time each month.


SMALL PRINT: Now, imagine the numbers are slightly bigger. Say, dropshipping 100 cups per day.

Easy math: $12,ooo per year in ongoing income and profits giving great service.

That now equals $12,000 per year. That’s a good vacation once a year for virtually auto-shipping coffee.

Do you see the potential upward to service 1% of the 146 billion cups of coffee per year.

Can you see the billions of gallons of wholesale coffee flowing through your store?

See your website that we will create for you so customers can order coffee online 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week.

Virtual Coffee Business Coaching

When you become a part of the team, you get your own classy wholesale coffee website.

This is a simple primer page to the coffee dropshippers business we help you build up.

Think, how much coffee do you or more importantly, how many coffee or tea drinkers do you know in offices?

Exactly. So many. Drinkers are everywhere in our lives wanting, even demanding their….coffee and tea.

“America’s Coffee Obsession”: www.huffingtonpost.com

- 146 billion cups of coffee per year

- the United States is the leading consumer of coffee in the world

- Coffee represents 75% of all the caffeine consumed in the US


These are huge, outstanding amount of coffee being sold and consumed.

Notice, the amount per day goes up with age. Over 40 drinks 2+ cups of coffee per day.

How Many Cups of coffee are consumed per day? Coffee Drinkers Say - 2 Cups per Day

How Many Cups of coffee are consumed per day? Coffee Drinkers Say – 2 Cups per Day


New Breakthrough Combining Gourmet Coffee and Online Ordering

Business Oceans™ Virtual Coffee Venture

System auto manages payouts and deliveries for you.

When your customers order dropship coffee online the system will:

  1. Auto-Bill ( easy) the customer and auto send them a monthly invoice.
  2. Pay you automatically.  
  3. Send the product automatically to your customers each month. (real easy)

If this sounds valuable to you, keep reading this site for strategy reference and account suggestions.


Drink and Grow Rich

The Gourmet Beverages page is filled with high demand gourmet coffee products. Market-Driven-Gourmet-Choices-drop-ship-Coffee-tea Business   Let’s build an empire on dropshipping single serv gourmet coffee and single packet organic teas putting money in your pocket, and a little bit less in Cosco or Starbucks. No offense to them.

What’s the best part about digital business?

You Can Buy Coffee  24 HOURS a DAY 

You Can Sell Coffee  7 DAYS a WEEK


Easy Automated Virtual Coffee Business Builder

See, we can do it easy,


we can do it real easy.

Pennies per cup multiply into thousands of dollars per year.

Pennies per cup multiply into thousands of dollars per year…going through your virtual coffee store.




“”I did it in my pajamas. Awesome!” L.B.

“I love coffee and drop shipping coffee makes it so 200% easier to sell.” D.E.

“Thank you for this monthly cash cow. COFFEE!!” S.W.

When You Are Ready….You Will…

1) Sign up for Your Own Online Wholesale Coffee Distributorship Channel and Virtual Office. Read All the Way…

Sign Up Page You will See while creating account.

Sign Up Page You will See while creating account.

You Will Choose…

Business Building Option

Best Business Building Option for Online Virtual Wholesale Coffee Store

2) Order Automatic Drop-Shipping on any 3-4 Products per month.

(Required for Team Bonus participation, which is why this works so easy.)

3) You’ll get a Coffee Storefront to sell from within 24 hours.

Then, it is up to you how many people you ask,

“Do you drink coffee or tea?”

“Great, have a sample of my single serv gourmet coffee and let me know your reaction.”


FACT: Over 200 Million People in the US alone drink coffee and they need servicing

Survey participants typically pay $3.28, on average, for a coffee drink; a steady increase from $3.05 in 2014 and $2.98 in 2013.

Profits are rising and now is the best time to join in the digital dropship coffee rush.

BUSINESS OCEANS INTENTION DISCLAIMER: For over eight years, we’ve had the intention to set up clients to grow their digital businesses. We think this business model offers our main focus: virtual and automatic.

There are no guarantees, other than we are here to support your success with what we know and can teach your teams.

We have an A+ Rating with BBB, which Business Oceans is proud of. We respect time and money, and expect our partners to do the same.

With that said, please see research on coffee. Well-known USA Today, Wikipedia.org, and Zagat have outstanding numbers to inspire your confidence as it did ours.

This is valuable Market Analysis; “100′s of Billions of gallons of coffee and tea” being bought and sold, which makes success rates higher for you.

Coffee Profits are more because we pay more for coffee and tea than we do for gas.

GALLON OF GAS = $2-5  compared to a CUP OF COFFEE $2-5


“Whether it’s iced coffee or a flavored latte, decaf or full-throttle, 82% of coffee-lovers nationwide admit to drinking it daily.” http://zagat.blogspot.com/2015/02/national-coffee-trends-revealed.html

Now, your confidence to take action can be empowered by numbers that are outstanding.

Millions of people drink coffee and tea, DAILY.

For $250-$1,500, you can get into the coffee and tea business

Capital Budget Needed to Start Now:

  1. Cost of Virtual Coffee Business Partnership Package and Website Creation: $250-$1500

The Startup Range is depending on your A) marketing strategies, B) size of starting sample package and C) monthly production goal. SEE Sampling Order Suggestions below.

Sampling Stats and Starting Coffee Dropshipper Business Package Suggestions:

Split your starting business package give-away samples…to the market demand.

COFFEE: Black Coffee and Latte are the best selling single serv coffee boxes to sample. Make these 60-70% of your order.

TEAS: Black Ice tea is big (65% of Black tea is served iced.) and Green Organic tea are Top Tea Favorites. Split 30-40% into your sampler package with these.

Here’s an actual mobile receipt for a Starting Package

Mobile Receipts on your coffee orders.

MARKETING EXAMPLE: You could approach people you know who work in offices. Many offices repeatedly order over $250 per month in coffee and tea and need Single Serv Coffee.

You can sell them Single Packets and Kcup refills

You offer to fill a portion; $100-150 of that need regularly, auto-shipped and auto-billed to make is easy.

You can drive traffic through social media, referrals and teams. Who could you sell coffee to?

Please note: many new distributors under order the first few months and miss 20-30% of the potential sales. HAVE SAMPLES READY! Pad your order 20-30% (2-4 boxes) more to maximize early launch energy that happens now. If you under sell, then you’ll have reserves and can adjust your orders in the future.

  1. Monthly Auto-Shipping Gourmet Coffee Samples: $150-250

You control it. Suggested starter of $150-250 in monthly samples for first three months if you are newer. This creates ample supply and once your profits are $150-250 per month, your coffee samples will be paid for by repeating clients.

More aggressive entrepreneurs order more, SEE ABOVE actual order.

Now, once you reach a tipping point, the profits from Auto Dropshipping customers will easily pay for those upfront samples.

Virtual Coffee business office; this is in your full control. Easy Office - Virtual Dropship Coffee Inside your classy, well-organized virtual office.

Easy Online Office – Run Dropship Coffee Inside your classy, well-organized virtual office.

Making transactions 50% EASIER

for YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS to order gourmet coffee online.

It’s so easy to get started. Just order your first dropship of gourmet coffee.

Thank you for your time and business,

Business Oceans™ Virtual Coffee

Enjoy Wholesale Dropship Single Serv Gourment Coffee

 Buy Wholesale CoffeeBuy Wholesale Organic Tea 

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Coffee News Sources: USA Today, Zagat.com, GlobalExchange.org, Wikipedia.org