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Consultant and Coaching Process

  • Discovery – Analyze Web Presence and Diagnose any issues or holes.
  • Brainstorm – New Innovative Ideas with Intended Strategic Goals.
  • Execution – Business Marketing Plan or Internet Marketing Plan is Implemented.
  • Communication – Continuous Communication with Clients: Email, Phone, Text
  • Enhancement – Adjusting the course of the campaign based on real time analysis.

Business Oceans™ Entrepreneurship Coaching offers a wide range of business marketing services. We start with search engine marketing services that will guarantee an increase in leads and inbound calls and inquiries to your company.

Our focus includes unique affordable Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google researched Internet Marketing Strategies integrated with effective business marketing and strategic marketing planning.

Staying within or close to a budget is important to many of our clients. We agree.

Have you set up AI Personalized subscription orders for your services or products?

We focus on efficiency whenever possible. With personalized marketing we create a foundation first based on the customer.

There are fundamental areas for  running effective marketing: TV, Radio, Internet (Digital is the Best for Higher Trackable ROI) and Direct Mail.

  • Now, we mix that in with Facebook, Instgram, Twitter, Pinterest and/or LinkedIn
  • Google, Yahoo and Bing will rank your website higher, which will mean more Internet leads for your website.

Ride the long ride of good marketing.

Targeted Internet Marketing leads, in turn will increase your bottom line.

We can help you create a strategic marketing plan. The Business Marketing Consultant is going to ground everything else your company does in Branding (thematic idea or concept). That concept will generate Advertising Slogans and ad copy that will be used in sales scripts, print materials, internet marketing and more.

One of the most important tools we use in our business marketing services is your business marketing plan that is activated.

Thank you for visiting Business Oceans™ for your professional marketing services. Call or email us with any questions you may have.

We’re open to serve you.

Small Business Consulting and Internet Coaching Services

Build your marketing campaign around your budget and goals. That’s one of the Business Oceans in Tampa offers business coaching service that keeps an entrepreneur ahead of the curve.

Using Technology to Digitize is Like the Wright Brothers…

All you Need is a Good Co-Pilot

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