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Improving Customer Experience Optimization and personalized advertising can be done effectively through the use of different technology types. Ai Technology is used for data classification, data collection, data analysis, data transfer, and data scalability.

Machine learning enables algorithms to become

increasingly accurate each time they’re executed.

The prevailing technology used in the present 21st century has made it possible for marketing professionals to collect first-hand data like

  • Location
  • Age group
  • Income and
  • Gender
  • The website you visit
  • The types of stores you visit in real life
  • The brand’s you do business with
  • The last 10 items you purchased
  • Where you eat most of the time
  • Your preference when it comes to products.

They, in turn, connect the data collected to third-party data like social media participation and online banner ads to get the needed result. Experience optimization is driven by processes like multivariate testing, A/B testing, data analytics, user research, and personalization. Technology has helped Experience Optimization to incorporate data and deliver a wide range of personalized experiences.

a.                Marketing Cloud Platforms: This is a centralized lifecycle marketing system.

  • Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Social, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Media Optimizer and Adobe Campaign
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Customer journey management, email, mobile, social, web personalization, advertising, content creation and management, and data analysis.
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud
  • Eloqua is a hub of automation tools for email, print and telemarketing campaigns, landing pages, forms, program builder, data tools, and reporting function.
  • Google 360 Marketing Platform
  • GMP brings together DoubleClick Digital Marketing and the Google Analytics 360 Suite to help you plan, buy, measure, and optimize digital media across multiple customer experiences in one place.

      b.    Customer Relationship Management Platforms: This is used to analyze and manage customers interaction in a bid to improve the business relationship and to drive sales growth.

There are many providers with different areas of focus and strength.


  • Net Suite – cloud financials, eCommerce, financial management
  • Zoho CRM – Editor’s Choice on PC Mag
  • Hubspot – Marketing system with a focus on content

c.      Beacon Technology Marketing: This is the use of Bluetooth technology to transmit information to nearby mobile devices. It offers businesses a simple way to send timely and targeted messages to their customers based on their physical location. It works by placing beacons around stores to get detailed information about a customers movement. They are then optimized for personalized advertising that, in turn, give the needed personalized customer experience.


– Salesforce Marketing Cloud

– Google 360

– Adobe Marketing Cloud

– Oracle Marketing Cloud


Adobe Target is a part of Adobe Experience Cloud. It is a marketing solution that empowers data-driven brands to experiment and create experiences that are personalized speedily. This personalized experiences can be leveraged on by business that uses digital touchpoint like mobile, email, call center, and IoT devices to convert sales. Over the years, Adobe Target has leveraged on Al machine to give better customer recommendations, automate personalized experiences, and target precision.

Adobe Target works with Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager to help marketers deliver and manage personalized contents.  Adobe integration helps provide deep insight into customer’s behavior.

GOOGLE OPTIMIZE (free tool) GOOGLE OPTIMIZE 360 (Premium Tool)

One of the most important acquisition channels in a marketer’s toolkit is the search engine. Optimizing search ads is not just enough, considering customers journey and providing the best way for them to reach your website is key. Google introduced an integration between Adwords and Optimize to make it easy for businesses to create and test personalized landing pages.

With Google Analytics, businesses can access real-time digital marketing analytics and report for their websites. Integration with Google Analytics provides business with the chance to view the results of their optimized experience and traffic reports. Businesses can connect results to business metrics using Google Analytics.


SalesForce Marketing Cloud is one of the leading providers of digital marketing analytics software and automation services. They develop marketing analytics and automation for mobile, email, and both social and online marketing. It also provides implementation and consulting services for businesses. Marketing cloud integrates data from the Sales Cloud to enable targeted campaigns. It focuses on consumer an engages them across the different channels in a bid to improve customer experiences


To businesses

Ai Customer experience optimization, personalized advertising, personalized messaging, and customer experience management allow businesses and companies to effectively target current and prospective consumers of their products or services. It dramatically increases engagement because it appeals to the customer’s individual needs, likes, and interests, therefore, greasing the wheels of acceptance to buy.

It created a higher conversion rate for businesses.

Research by Experian, one of the largest consumer credit reporting agencies, shows that personalized emails got about 29% higher open rates and about 40% click-through rate while the use of experience cloud got about 25% higher open rated and about 35% click-through rates than those who didn’t use experience optimization and Ai personalized marketing.

Companies that used things like the experience cloud, customized experience optimization, personalized messaging, personalized communications, personalized emails, and personalized advertising were able to improve customer experience by 25%.

*Note the trending increase in mobile over the last 8 years. Almost double the opens.

BEWARE! The Emails That Push Customers Away like a Skunk in Summer!

Impersonal, money-losing Emails: Only 1 out of 6 emails had my name or nickname in the Subject or First line. “My name is Gabriel and ones that really get it, use my Nickname, G.”

1st Email: Ryan, and more Ryan! Apparently, Ryan thinks we all know him and does not care who we are at all. Lol. No thanks!

2nd Email: Citibank. Look at the First Word on each line…”Citi, Earn, From”. Nope!

*Notice that 5 emails are focused on Who the business is,

instead of Who the customer is.

THE MATH: 100,000 Customer Emails turn into +29,000 connected, more loyal customers once you use their First Name in emails.

Big misses from Fortune 500 companies like Citibank. Every time I receive Citibank notices; I worry it is fraud every time because it looks unnatural.

Do you see why they are losing customer loyalty?

Because the companies show nothing personal to the customer.

Are you giving your customers the excellent service experience they’d want to have, or you want to have?

To customers

Customers feel more connected to a company because they see an advertisement that was customized and appealing to them. Research shows that customers are more likely to engage with this particular brand because of the personalized experience they got, and these most times influence their purchasing decision because they feel safer with that particular brand. Building Trust!

You can see the benefits of experience optimization and personalized marketing offers in

1. Media: Customer experience metrics helped businesses to increase ad impressions, engagement, and time spent on websites.

2. E-commerce: Customer experience analytics, a good Customer Experience Map,  and detailed Customer Experience Design provided businesses with the chance to increase average order value, revenue per visitors, and display relevant products and services to customers based on the available personal data.

3. Travels: Adopting a good customer experience strategy and a good customer experience survey made it easy for brands to increase social sharing, improve booking rates, streamline better buying experiences, and drive more revenues.

4. B2B: With Ai-powered Journey Builder and user experience testing, companies were better able to convert more visitors to leads and improve their overall performance as well as speedily ingeminate product enhancement and development.

Improving customers experience journey provided a better way for brands to increase sales, bring about an increase in revenue, and great customer experience.


Building good customer experience maps is a great task. The major challenge that experience optimization and personalized marketing face is the size of your groups. Brands are more likely to expand their business to both online and offline customers, and it is important to be consistent with your message on both channels.

It also requires responsible analyzed metrics across all channels. Managing this consistently and being able to get across to individual customers based on the available data can be a daunting project.

Some major challenges that prevent EO and PM from improving customer experiences.

  1. Staff Training: Most brands today lack the required staff training to use the leading enterprise to reach their target audience. The staff they have are not well equipped with the right knowledge and experience to implement the latest personalized marketing strategies that can help a business grow effectively.
  2. Introduction of New Enterprise: Another major challenge that businesses face is the introduction of a new enterprise in a bid to reach their target audience. Most brands are fond of jumping from one enterprise to another without seeing the full impact of the previously used enterprise. They will have to start again from scratch and might cause them to lose touch with certain customers who might become less interested in patronizing their brand.
  3. Systems not integrating well with others: System integration is another factor that affects EO and PM. Business today wants to make use of different enterprise marketing tools to achieve the same result of reaching out to their targeted audience. The lack of the right technical ability to combine the different enterprise software available can pose a big problem to them and render the whole customer experience optimization process useless.
  4. Relying on Ai Customer Service: Be careful when relying on Ai customer service, which can pose a major challenge to getting the needed result. A successful Ai transformation requires a system that aligns solutions to business challenges, and when the right Ai customer services are lacking, it becomes more difficult to identify the resources that will be used to establish a clear path forward.
  5. Drop in real human visitors: The use of systems can cause a drop in humans. The availability of certain data on customer experience paths can make it possible to generate robots who are not real visitors of a website and this can make it difficult to reach the real humans who will patronize businesses.


Customer Experience Optimization and Ai Personalized Marketing are created to give your current and potential customers the best “Customer Experience Journey” that is unique and memorable to them personally.

Make your customer Lifecycle Marketing Experience with your company departments as personal as possible.

AiP is used to build a lasting bond that will help your customers understand that you are paying close attention to them, and you understand what they need.

It says, “Customer, we know you. We know you well.”

It creates an excellent user experience other players in the industry won’t be able to match. In turn, this will help build up your sales and bring about a high Return on Investment. Measuring customer experience using good customer experience metrics and customer experience surveys will provide businesses with a better way to reach out to new and existing customers.


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