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SEO Copywriting and SEO Website Text can generate High Rankings in Search Engines that will drive new buyers to your website.

We can do a Keyword Analysis of your existing text or write new, persuasive seo copy that has the proper keyword density, has higher value to search engines[more traffic from searches] and converts visitors.

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“The Hardest Body in the World Deserves The Softest Towel…
Well, You Still Deserve The Softest Towel.” ©
SummerHill Cotton

“The personal kind of marketing firm.” ©
Business Oceans Internet Marketing

“If you were any closer
we’d be dating.” ©
Shrell Bumber Stickers

“Nothing Does It Like Doing It” ©
Action Planning Consultants

“Is That a Pool in Your Living Room or Do You Need a Plumber?” ©
Darnell Plumbers



Writing a Great Ad Slogan with SEO Power:

This is one of our favorite areas of marketing. Tag Lines, Slogans and Ad Copy with Search Engine Optimized Power. A great slogan only works if customers see it. That’s why it is important to wrap your slogan in researched, seo friendly copy that is relevant to your industry.

The moment a customer searches Google or Yahoo, your website’s code needs to be optimized so that the description ranks and is engaging.

Effective seo ad slogans differentiate your business from everyone else and get you more exposure on the web at the same time. Maximum efficiency.

Some people underestimate the value of a new company slogan or quality, well-written, seo-friendly, website content that drives their marketing campaign. Those are the people on page 20 in the search results….where no one looks.

Why should I pay for that? I can come up with something for free.

Sure, you can. But, has your seo content increased your web traffic 300% to 1200%. We’ve had clients start ranking and seen these actual results. We are experts in writing seo copy and we pride ourselves on the strong results we achieve for our clients.

Decent is not good enough in our competitive marketplace. Excellence is required to be in the top ten of search engines. A competitive business will need professionally written seo copy on their website that drives traffic and converts visitors into clients.



Innovative Business Marketing Ideas – Web:

Marketing Ideas are the priceless part of any successful business marketing plan.

What is an innovative idea? Exchanging your yellow page marketing dollars for the current technology of Internet Marketing.

At some point, a marketing manager or marketing director suggested allocating a fraction of the marketing budget to web marketing and their boss scoffed at the idea.

83% of consumers start their product search online first.


 Stand Out In a Crowd of millions . . .

When our CEO was interviewed about the Rocky Mountain Newspaper going on sale, he predicted that it would fold first. His prediction…was correct.

Companies used to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on newspaper advertising. Market tracking shows newspaper advertising is now one of the lowest ROI (Return OInvestment) channels, or as we like to call it in our marketing department, ROM (Return OMarketing ©) channels you can pay for.

Exchanging your yellow page marketing dollars for the current technology of Internet Marketing. There is another marketing channel that is a dinosaur.

The Internet is the new yellow pages and newspaper. But, it requires constant analysis because search engines are always changing there algorithms to search websites differently and sift through the web fairly.

Nowadays, you need to include social bookmarking services in your marketing plan. This is an area where our seo writing team is strong and can create real content that adds value to the Internet while driving rank juice to your website with ‘white hat techniques’.

We can write seo article campaigns, company reviews, and press releases for you with quality inbound seo links that point to your website, then submit them to the high-ranking social bookmarking sites.

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An SEO Ad Slogan Gets Created

Here are national ad slogans you may recognize that were driven by television.

“Got Milk?”    National Dairy Council         “Just Do It”    Nike

“Drivers wanted”    Volkswagen                “Think Outside The Bun”    Taco Bell

“Think Different”    Apple                         “Where’s The Beef?”    Wendy’s


There are only two decent seo slogans above. Can you guess which ones?

“Got Milk?”  and  “Where’s The Beef?”

The reason none of the others are any good for seo web marketing is that there are no keyword phrases a customer would realistically use to search for any of these products online….ever.

People don’t search ‘driver’ when looking for a car or search ‘Think’ when looking to buy an Apple Laptop.


Pet Scoop is one of our client’s that provides dog waste removal services for residential and commercial properties. Laugh all you want…They operate a successful multi-million dollar business.

We needed to differentiate them from their competitors and we needed to maximize the seo value of the company slogan. However, the CEO didn’t want to use the word ‘poop’ in his advertising to maintain a more classy image.


Market Research:

  • What words or phrasing did a potential customer associate with their service?
    • Once we started consulting this client, they had a much better understanding of their target customers.
    • Market research revealed that most customers labeled the service as a…’Pooper Scooper’ and subsequently searched under that term.
    • This gave us the knowledge, and tools to upgrade all of the marketing plans and branding to include that keyword phrasing.
    • We upgraded the Internet Marketing Services, Print Marketing, Truck Signage and Marketing Strategies.
    • This accelerated the Internet Marketing Traffic 780% by increasing the Search Engine Ranking when people used that term to find a …’pooper scooper in Denver’ or ‘Colorado’
    • For the record, this client is now consistently on the 1st page of Google for the search terms – ‘pooper scooper Denver’.           Case Study – Pet Scoop SEO


  • What was the perception that potential customers had of the company?
    • The customer base had the perception the company was run by a few college kids doing yard work.
    • The owner of the company had been in business for over 14 years and is a professional CEO with an MBA in business.
    • In reality, the company was well established with the Better Business Bureau, Tom Martino and had 30+ employees.


  • We upgraded all the copy in ads and the website
    • We added badges of credibility to all the web and print marketing materials.
    • We added a professional company photo to all the web marketing materials.
    • We used the new seo ad slogan in all of our Internet marketing campaigns wrapped in research seo copywriting text.


  • Where did most of the business come from?
    • We created a more detailed MARKETING TRACKING SYSTEM
      • In the system, we had PET SCOOP customer service reps dig deeper with customers ask where they found the client.
      • We started tracking each ad campaign to know where our advertising dollars were most effective.
      • ROM – Return On Marketing ©. We pushed more money to where we got the most response. Google AdWords and Truck Signage and Re-designing the website.
      • The truck signage also gave employees credibility, so that people knew who they were on their routes. This built trust.
      • The yellow pages’ and newspaper’ ROM was dwindling. We focused more marketing strategies towards the Internet and Search Engines.
      • Then, we created new Internet Marketing Campaigns and tracked which ones ranked highest in the search engines and so on.

An SEO Ad Slogan with SEO Power

“Colorado’s Prefered Pooper Scooper”

The key seo elements that make this an excellent seo ad slogan

  • ‘Colorado’, the state name, starts it out so search engines can sift location first. Also, customers trend towards local searching for on-site services such as landscaping, plumbers, etc.
  • ‘Preferred’ adds a premium feeling to the slogan like a wine would be. This sets PET SCOOP apart from the mom and pop shops with an extra air of quality. Remember a family’s dog is not a pet, it is a member of the family and people want top quality for all of their family…even fluffy Fido.
  • ‘Pooper Scooper’ is exactly what the company does and is. We matched what the keyword search trends are. Potential customers can now easily find PET SCOOP now and know exactly what they do.


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