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My name is G. DiCristofaro, the founder, and I welcome you to Business Oceans Marketing Consulting, an automated marketing business since 2006. From when I started at EarthLink in college and reverse engineered the Google search engine algorithm, the Internet has been a great tool for business growth, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Building bountiful brands requires intelligently integrated and original thinking. Now, I’m fascinated with “Automation Multiplying Time!”

When they say, “Think Outside the Box.” I reply, “There’s a box?”

Business experts over the years have proven over and over that, it is most effective to hire others to do work we:

  • Don’t have time for
  • Aren’t interested in learning
  • And basically, will eat all our vegetables forever to have someone else do it!
  • Nowadays, you can hire automation!

What about a computer program performing 25-45% of your tedious tasks?

Innovation is the shovel. Let’s get digging.

Do you want to hear something ridiculous? I was homeless at 5, 12 and again at 17 years old.

WHY? Because my entrepreneurial, single mother could not FIGURE OUT BUSINESS SYSTEMS TO KEEP DOING WORK SMARTER and life smashed her down. Completely!

She did teach one valuable lesson: We each have unique gift to the world that only you can give.

Since that low point, I have professionally consulted on projects generating $46 million in sales for my digital clients.

People buy things from you because they care about you. Do your customers and clients know you care?

2020 is here my friends…sooner than you think.

Suit up! To a whole new architecture of marketing automation integrated with real-time live and video spectacles that will continue to be consumed by our entertainment-addicted society.

Have you set up subscription orders for your services or products?

Humans are addicted to everything. Make it easier for them to love yours. Do you know what people always keep doing?

Wiping their backsides. Sell em 2-week supplies of TP, over and over again.

WHY YOU? Well, 2 things sell SEX and HUMOR. Humor because…

  • “Laughter decreases stress hormones (they can escape) and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies….BLAH BLAH SNORE!
  • Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even relieve pain.
  • Humor connected to your brand sends the message that your brand, even if it isn’t medicine, makes them feel better, so they will feel great buying your products and services.
After that, the excellent reputation your company team has will sustain and retain those feelings, henceforth humor and branding usually equal many dollars.

“Laughter is the Best Medicine: The Health Benefits of Humor. “

The skill I bring is the unique “outside” perspective, showing clients innovative thinking on integrated marketing strategies they cannot see within their company bubble.

Profoundly impacting for many I have worked with.

The back-then innovative, virtual office business model for us, created efficiency and greatly lowers overhead expenses compared to most other marketing firms.

Using Online Marketing Technology to Automate Marketing is Like the Wright Brothers…

All you Need is a Good Co-Pilot Helping Your Steer

Business Oceans Marketing and Consulting Services


We direct the team’s business expertise and ROI-Focused marketing advice towards business owners and executives who need marketing and management expertise to efficiently generate customers and effectively streamline business operations to become more profitable.

Because 80% of middle-class and above consumers start looking for a product or service on the Internet, your company needs to have its search engine Internet marketing channels reaching to those customers.

Let us help you catch that sweet wave of success all Americans crave and thrive on…The American Digital mixed with real-life Dream.



Our rates and fees run on a sliding scale depending on the client and the project. As a guide, we consult on marketing campaigns with budgets of $30,000+ per quarter.

Weekly Retainer: $3,000

Business Oceans™ Internet Marketing Consulting

Using Technology to Automate Like the Wright Brothers…

All you Need is a Good Co-Pilot

Business Oceans Marketing and Consulting Services

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