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My name is Gabriel DiCristofaro, the founder, and I’d like to welcome you to, Business Oceans Marketing Consulting, a different way of approaching marketing a business. From when I started at EarthLink in college, the Internet has been a great tool for business growth.

Gabriel DiCristofaro - Founder of Business Oceans Consulting
Gabriel DiCristofaro – Founder of Business Oceans Consulting

Business experts over the years have proven over and over that it is most effective to hire others to do work we:

  • Don’t have time for
  • Aren’t interested in learning
  • And basically, want someone else to do it.

I will guide you and your marketing team and inform you so you can just get reports or you can dig in with us and do some work.

The skill I bring is the top down perspective, showing clients Best Practices on marketing campaigns, leadership management and business development.

Are you looking for a Marketing Firm that goes beyond the status quo?  Look no further.  We will not only bring you effective marketing strategies, we will always be available to you for consult.

The advantage of working with Business Oceans Marketing™, is that you hire a business or marketing consultant and receive quality advice that’s affordable. Also, for Colorado business consulting clients, we are based out of Denver so we can offer In-House Consulting Services at your office or place of business.

Our rates and fees run on a sliding scale depending on the client and the project. As a rule, we manage marketing campaigns of $3,000+ per month.

Business Oceans runs its operations efficiently. Computer work should be done on a computer where a worker is the most happy….desk, couch, or beach at whatever time of day suits them best. Other than phone calls during working hours.

We believe this creates the highest level of satisfaction and productivity for all involved in a project. Sound funny? It’s not. Think about it.

We don’t spend our money on Granite and Steel offices that you will almost certainly not visit unless you’re in Denver, Colorado on a ski or snowboard vacation.

You are, however, most welcome, to come out and visit anytime. We do have some of the best snow in the world. In the mean time, look through our large array of consulting and marketing services.

The virtual office business model for us, creates efficiency, and greatly lowers overhead expenses compared to most other marketing firms.

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Using Online Marketing Technology to Automate Marketing is Like the Wright Brothers…

All you Need is a Good Co-Pilot Helping Your Steer

Business Oceans Marketing and Consulting Services – Denver, Colorado

Business Oceans - Denver Marketing and Consulting
Business Oceans – BBB Accredited and Committed to Good Quality

We direct the team’s business expertise and ROI-Focused marketing advice towards business owners and executives who need marketing and management expertise to efficiently generate customers and effectively streamline business operations to become a profitable part of the business community.

Our team of business analysts, web developers, marketing planners, web designers and so much more are here to show you how to ride the business wave successfully. And, if you don’t want to be taught, they’ll do it for you.

Because 80% of middle-class and above consumers start looking for a product or service on the Internet, your company needs to have its search engine Internet marketing channels reaching to those customers.


Business Oceans Marketing Consulting ™ philosophy is that “no matter how big or small a company is, a properly functioning Internet Marketing Plan or consistent ‘Business Marketing Procedure’ always has room for improvement. It always has room for new ideas to make more leads come in for the money being spent.

Whether it’s organizing Web Development/Design Projects, creating an Effective Internet Marketing Plan, or starting a brand new Website/Internet company from scratch, expertise from one of our professional business marketing consultants will greatly improve your outcome. We guarantee it…or you don’t have to finish your contract with us.

Let us help you catch that sweet wave of success all Americans crave and thrive on…The American Dream


Business Oceans™ Internet Marketing and Consulting Team


  Denver Office doing business virtually for US Clients

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Using Technology to Automate Marketing is Like the Wright Brothers…

All you Need is a Good Co-Pilot

Business Oceans Marketing and Consulting Services – Denver, Colorado


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